Thursday, March 14, 2013

TECH : Watch tonight's Samsung Galaxy S IV announcement live here at

Samsung Galaxy S IV video demos leak

The Galaxy S IV announcement is just around the corner, scheduled for later today, and the leaks are flying in from all sides.
This time we see some demo videos showing certain aspects of the Galaxy S IV such as the web browser, the Floating Touch feature (similar to the Galaxy Note II) and SmartPause. These come courtesy of Chinese website
Floating Touch allows you to interact with the screen without actually touching it. We've seen a similar implementation on the Galaxy Note II, but this one doesn't require a stylus. The phone will detect where your finger is hovering over the screen.

SmartPause will pause a running video as soon as it detects your eyes are looking away from the screen and resume it once it has your attention back.

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will unveil the Galaxy IV in New York today in less than 12 hours. We already know lots of stuff about the next big thing via those daily leaks, but still it would be nice to see what Samsung has prepared as a launch event.
Thankfully, Samsung will be offering live stream of the press conference, so if you are not on Times Square in New York, you'll still be able to watch the event.
Here is the live stream, there is a countdown too, so you'll know when to come back here.
We'll be attending the event in New York, so you'll be hearing from us soon after it's over with our first hands-on impressions.
Stay tuned! For Another 11 Hours Tomorrow . 14March For Europe 15 March For Asia ^_^

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