Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Vogue Korea !

Vogue Korea brought 12 actors to commemorate its 16th anniversary

Vogue celebrates  16th years of its presence in Korea and brought 12 respected actors to fill the magazine with thematic photos.

They are Ahn Sung Ki, Baek Yoon Shik, Joo Jin Mo, Jung Woo Sung, Kim Kang Woo, Kim Sang Kyung, Lee Bum Soo, Oh Dal Soo, Ryu Seung Ryong, Yoo Seung Ho, Yoo Jun Sang and Yoo Ji Tae.

Jung Woo Sung

Joo Jin Mo

Kim Sang Kyung

Yoo Jun Sang

Baek Yoon Shik

Oh Dal Soo

Yoo Ji Tae

Lee Bum Soo

Yoo Seung Ho

Ahn Sung Ki

Ryu Seung Ryong

endorsement & magazine appearance

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