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WORLD : The Palestine and Israel Conflict !

The Bahasa Penjajah Edition: Coz in BM people kinda misunderstood my shit writing

It seems that my foray into writing in Malay was an unmitigated failure. Maybe it is due to my limited grasp of Bahasa. All the things I wrote were misinterpreted as me kissing the Star of David and trampling on the face of dying Palestinian babies.

You know what? I am just going to write in English here so that my word will not be misinterpreted by people who are clearly reading that article while being pissed off (lepas tengok Astro awani dan nampak baby mati mesti emo. Nampak perkataan YAHUDI je menggelegak batin kejap). I guess I started off with the wrong foot when I gave you a short history on the "terror" attacks done in the name of Palestinian freedom. I understand where the anger came from. Hey go ahead. If that article I wrote help you vent out your anger the good on you. At least tak lah balik rumah and start punching the new HDTV when you saw Shimon Perez or Tzipi Livni on the news.

Here is a reason why I started that article with the human rights violation done in the name of Freedom. This is to reinforce the idea that instilling fear and intimidation (through "terrorism") has been going on for decades with negligible contribution to the Palestinian cause. It is in my opinion that hijackings and “terror attacks” did more harm to the cause than increasing the support for freedom. I was merely pointing out that maybe... just maybe after decades of doing the same thing without success we should now change tact and try another way to resolve the issue.

But I was walloped for even suggesting an alternate way of handling this decades old faggotry between the sons of Abraham.

Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut? I am disappointed with the Arabs and Jews equally to be honest. Both of them are not willing to give concessions to the other side when negotiating. I guess my going for the middle ground view came from the fact that I am one eight Arabic and have a Jewish first name. I could not be 100% sympathetic to the Arabic POV nor can I be 100% sympathetic to the Jews POV. While it is true that when two sides are arguing with equal volume the truth does not always lay in the middle, but more often than not people still chose the middle ground anyway.

Jalan Dalam Kasut – Walk in their Shoes - Jangan Salah Faham

This was misinterpreted by some as me saying that we must see this conflict from the POV of the Europeans. I really didn’t mean that. I was asking you to put down your songkok/keffiyeh/turban just for five minutes and see what is the perception of the non Muslim on this situation. As I said in that blog entry, the world opinion is largely non sympathetic towards the Muslim. While they felt sorry for the death of women, children and the elderly they also saw the same atrocities being done by Muslim “terrorists”. If the Jews kept killing the innocent and we did not retaliate like for like, we will have the moral high ground. But we may never get the moral high ground now. Why? An event in New York one sunny September morning will always tilt the balance the other way around.

“Effi you fucking Jew wannabe... that is all Jewish PR you fucking asshole. Why are you being brainwashed by the Rupert Murdoch Jew propaganda. I suggest you go to a Synagogue and kiss the Torah now”

Ha! I know you are going to say that. The Jew propaganda will always pop up like a garden mole when discussing this conflict. True. I agree with you guys on that. The Zionist PR machine is so awesome in creating alternate reality that skew the truth. When you know that they will turn any piece of news in THEIR FAVOUR why give them more fodder to besmirch the Islamic cause? If you fight them with BB Guns and they will claim you shot them with an AK-47. Why not just not stop fighting them bullets for bullet. If no bullets are flying from our side to their side lets see how they want to spin that into a pro Israel news item

“More news in Gaza today as Palestinian staged a non violent sit down outside of the Al Aqsa mosque. The Israel Defence Force fearing for their safety due to these candle carrying Arabs were force to shoot them because those candles produce CO2 that will suffocate their troops”

How will they cut that video footage to show that the peaceful sit down is a security threat? I. At this moment they can just show footage of Hamas's Katyusha rocket firing wildly into Israel territory (it might fell into a river killing no one but they have their “HAMAS aggression” video footage now!) and use it as an excuse to drop a 500 pound bomb into a Palestinian home. This was the crux of my argument against continued armed resistance. It’s a LOSE LOSE situation because you can never get a balance media report on your behalf.

Ok lah. No need to go a few thousand miles to the west for this type of journalistic douchebaggery. We have our own “distorted media reporting” in Malaysia. I am surprised that I didn’t use this as an analogy before. Let’s just say for analogy sake that the BN Government is the Israeli and the Pakatan Rakyat is the Palestinian (I will be ISA-ed soon... LOL). Remember the Batu Burok incident and the Reformasi movement? Remember how they twisted the stories to paint the PR as terrorists and traitors of Malaysia? What did the PR do after being repeatedly demonised in the government controlled media? They change their tactic 180 degrees. No more street demos and not to retaliate to provocation. Even if you are being beaten by the FRU do not fight back and just take it like a man. Do not give them an excuse to find a footage of the PR people fighting back. That video will be repeated to give the impression that PR is indeed violent. Not surprisingly now the government medias are struggling to create propaganda against PR. The same can be applied in Palestine if they try hard enough. BUT they won’t as most of you pointed out in the comment section. I agreed with all your views on the hardheadedness of the Semites.

I am sorry but I have to end this now. I would love to write more but the problem is this is supposed to be a LULZ blog. This kind of discussion if prolonged will just infuriate me. In the long run I cannot write lulz worthy blog entries.Before I go let’s just remember one word COEXIST.

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