Monday, April 1, 2013

Fun or Fear : Kim Jong-un and Family Captured Having The Best Time

Details of how and why this photograph came into existence remains unknown, but it wouldn’t seem out of the question to assume the family is staring down more barrels than lenses.
The man himself, Kim Jong-un, posed with the North Korean family for what turned out to be one incredibly awkward family portrait.
Now, everyone – eyes to the front and say, “We love our Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, for he keeps us safe and happy and holds all the power over our lives.”
It really is hard to pick a favourite. Woman in pink, about to burst into tears? Lady in white on the right, ready to stab someone? You can’t beat the man himself though, beaming away. He’s just so damn happy.
It’s all well and good to joke, but this photo raises more sombre questions: Where are the men in this family?
Either way, someone really needs to get thinking and assign thought bubbles to each member of the family – especially the little girl on the left, who seems to be quietly plotting someone’s demise.
Reddit user worked their magic and produced this gem. Enjoy.

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