Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Android oOh Anroid ? Kenpalah Aku MARKET sangat =P

Jengah Sini Jengah Sana <_< , >_>, " Bangganya pkai hp android tau , u uoll xde kan ? " ~ ayt2 yg slalu dpkirkan pgguna android bila nmpk KITA2 pgang hp cikai ! kot lah ~ ahha! tp xguna jgak if x tak thu ap fungsi Android tu , kalau xthu lah kn , baik korg g naik tgkat ats DP ( melaka ) pas uh trjun ramai2 , ahah~  aptb =)

Without further survey, surely your top 5 Smart Saving Apps for Smartphones:

1. GasBuddy puts an end to circling around searching for the cheapest gas. With this app you’ll find the gas closest to you and at the cheapest prices. It is a community of users that updates the prices and you can earn rewards toward their giveaways every time you report them in your area. They’ve earned a 5 star rating on iTunes with over 9,000 reviews. Don’t drive around guessing anymore. Use GasBuddy to save time and money.

2. Mint, named Best Mobile Personal Finance Tool by LifeHacker, helps you keep track of your balance. No more guessing. No more waiting for to get home to check online. Check your balance before you decide to spend on that beautiful cashmere sweater and save yourself the heartache of overdraft charges. So useful, it’s received 4.5 stars; the biggest complaints being there’s no sync with the desktop app. Use Mint to stay on top of YOUR mint.

3. Skype is a free app that allows you to talk overseas for free. Yes, for free. Download Skype and make free video calls from anywhere. You’ll no longer be chained to your desk when you call friends and family across the waters. The ratings on this last version, however, aren’t up to par with the earlier ones. But as an experienced user, I can say that I haven’t had any problems (outside of an occasional connection issue. that are existent no matter what service you use to call overseas anyway).

4. KiK Messenger let’s you say good bye to overseas text charges. Tired of being charged up to $1.25 for a text message any time you’ve wanted to just say hello. How many times have you opted NOT to say anything because of the international text fees? With KiK Messenger, you can text and never sweat another international fee. Go ahead! Text your cousin Jo in UK and tell her how much you miss her! Keep in touch with your friends and family with this 4.5 star rated app that even lets you send and share pics!

5. GeoQPons let’s you find and use coupons via your smartphone. You can now keep that $2.00 off coupon for diapers instead of having to remember to haul it around! This app has a 4.5 star rating and even includes local stores. They, too, have a rewards program that will allow you to earn a $10 Amazon gift card if you recruit a local store to start advertising on their site. Never sweat another lost clipping again.

That’s the top 5! With these apps, you’ll save in the places that matter most to you.

So , Android User ! GooD LucK ^_^

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